I keep talking to strangers walking around with little neon "Vacancy" signs glowing inside their hearts. And it is hard. It is so hard to find someone you want to link pinkies with, when everyone is so confused, so empty of feelings, so full of lust, coated in chemical scents, and painted with distracting colors.

Yesterday I was 'Free Listening' on the street when a boy with an accent asked me for advice about love. This is what I told him: "Do you know what people want even more than they want love? They want to be understood. That is the best thing you can do really. Try to understand. Be so hungry to learn. It works for everything really, whether you love science, or antique clocks, or the girl at the deli. That is the best way you can love anything - to learn the secrets and the short cuts and the hard parts and to ask questions always, because we are all never ending mysteries." Then the boy opened his wallet and gave me some dollars. He said that in his country wise men sit on the street and the sell their advice, and if it is good advice, something you needed to hear, you pay the wise man.