You influence light so much with your body. Have you noticed? How certain people's eyes reflect like tiny mirrors And when you hug, you are sharing shadows with someone.

~ This was the day I gave a ride to the little round cowboy. He had a bandana tied round his neck, floppy boots, and his thumb out in the air. When I pulled over to the side of the road I though: Oh boy, I'm gonna hear some dusty pony tales from this guy - stories with words like "wranglin' or 'chuck wagon'! But as we drove along all he talked about was alien conspiracies and the illuminati

 I asked him if there was anywhere in the valley I should explore and he told me about the big abandoned ranch house at the end of a long dirt road. I got there just as the sun was fading, but the place wasn't really abandoned it was more like a giant bird house, with every room filled with mud swallows. I stood quietly and waited for the sun to sink to the angle I wanted as they flew all around me. The only sounds were bird wings and the quiet click of a shutter.