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The beginning: I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what superpowers I want. So far I’ve whittled it down to three, so I suppose I need a genie:

1. The ability to see people’s feelings - like if everyone wore their feelings as feathers. Then everyone would be naked and beautiful and I could know what people felt like, instead of what they looked like.

2. The ability to take photographs in my dreams, and have them be real and waiting for me in the morning. Like the best Polaroid camera of all time ~ The Dream Camera 

3. The ability to eat the sky. Then I could take a spoonful of that colorful sunset, or nibble a bit of moon for a snack. And the sun would warm me up from the inside if I was ever cold. So I would never need anything at all, so long as I was outside.

Unfortunately, I have not come across any genies yet, not even a fairy godmother, but somewhere along the way I found a camera and I thought: This! This shall be my superpower and my sidekick, and I will use it to combine all three of my old superpowers and make them into the real world. And if I work hard enough, I can take real pictures that show those secret, hard to reach feelings. Pictures that look like my dreams in the daylight. And maybe, if I work hard enough, my pictures might turn into money, which will turn into oatmeal, and I’ll never need anything but light to photograph. 

That’s the dream. But at the very least I would like to continue taking the beautiful parts of life into little boxes so that I can share them with you.


Cori is also the creator of the best escape room in Fort Collins, Colorado, Somewhere Secret